TA-PO 600

Why TA-PO 600

The best way to optimize ferrous scrap separation

By means of the TA-PO 600 an extra separation is made between magnetic and partially magnetic materials. This results in a purer iron fraction, suitable for immediate reuse. Both fractions represent a higher value.

When the TA-PO 600 is used to separate copper particles, the iron fraction contains less than 0.2% copper particles.

Electronic scrap
Combustion scrap
Batteries from scrap

Recovery Rate

The recovery rate can reach 99.3% by using the TA-PO 600.



The motto is quality and simplicity. One of the building criteria of the TA-PO 600 was the uptime. Due to innovative design on various components, maintenance is kept to a minimum and can be done in a short period of time.


Bewezen resultaat

The machine has proved itself in practice. Due to the stable and high-quality process maintenance time is 0.4% and maintenance cost of 2.2% of the investment on a yearly basis. This leads to low operational costs.

TA-PO 600 in action

Get a higher recovery rate from your material

TA-PO 600 is the new standard of high-quality separation. The TA-PO 600 continues where handpicking stops. Immediate reuse of the materials supports a circular economy.


Conveyer belt

From a vibrating table via a chute, the material is evenly transferred to the conveyer belt. The conveyer belt ensures that the particles reach the set speed.



The specially developed magnet ensures a stable magnetic field. In this field the partially magnetic parts are attracted less than the magnetic parts.The magnetic field can be adjusted to your specific requirements.



The splitter can finetune the separation between magnetic parts with a short discharge curve and partially magnetic parts with a longer discharge curve.


Separate like a boss

Get the best result with help of the TA-PO 600.

We dare you

Bring your own material for a test run

Run a test with your own scrap material and convince yourself that more copper can be extracted from your ferrous scrap.

Quality and simplicity


The combination of high-quality materials and smart solutions result in a great ease of use and a high uptime.

Remote help

Weekly reports of all ‘events’ of your TA-PO 1000 and 24/7 remote.


Due to smart design minimal maintenance is needed and maintenance costs are low. Necessary maintenance, like the replacement of a conveyer belt, is reduced to 1 hour with this design.



Due to smart design minimal maintenance is needed and maintenance costs are low. Necessary maintenance, like the replacement of a conveyer belt, is reduced to 1 hour with this design.

Small in floor space

The TA-PO 600 is small in floor space 4,5m x 1,5m = 6,75 m2.

Innovative conveyer belt changing system

De TA-PO 600 transportband zonder hijsmiddelen snel gewisseld worden, door het innovatief transportband wisselsysteem  met een automatisch terugrijdende band om transportband vrij te maken.

Touchscreen control
Automatic safety covers

To renew the conveyer belt, the chute and covers need to be removed. This is automatically done by the TA-PO 600 and takes less than a minute.


The TA-PO 1000 is the new standard in separation, but also in safety. Emergency stops and emergency stop lines are sufficient to intervene in case of a dangerous situation. Additional external emergency stops can be added. If a hatch is opened when the TA-PO 1000 is running, the machine comes to a halt immediately. Covers open automatically and do not need to be disassembled. All ‘events’ are separately shown on the touch screen, wasting time searching is a thing of the past.

In short; safety is design, not a coincidence.

Return on investment

Proven results

The result is a purer, more valuable, iron fraction, suitable for immediate reuse, and a more valuable partially magnetic fraction. This leads to a high return on investment of the machine. Low maintenance costs contribute to this high return on investment.

Electronic scrap
Recovery rate
Combustion scrap
Recovery rate

Technical specifications

  • Type
    TA-PO 600
  • Weight
    3800 kg
  • Power consumption
    6,5 kW
  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Noise level
    < 70 dB(A)
  • Temperature range
    -10ºC - 40ºC
  • Capacity fraction size
    1 t/m 90 mm
Ta Po 600 Dimensions
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